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Contact Lenses for Children

More and more children are expressing an interest in contact lenses.  Contact lenses provide children with increased self esteem and confidence which is important for their overall success and happiness.  Children also have very active lifestyles which may include sports and other physical activities.  Contact lenses provide them with the freedom to perform their best. 

Contact lens technology has advanced significantly in the last few years and caring for lenses has become simplified.  This ease of use and the advent of daily disposable contact lenses has allowed contact lenses to be an attractive option for children.

85% of the contact lens patients in our practice are children.  We truly love our pediatric patients and are very encouraging and patient with them.  The contact lens success rate of our pediatric population is 95% and we enjoy watching their lives transform and their attitudes change as they become successful contact lens wearers.  Watching them grow into successful contact lens wearing adults is also extremely rewarding as we get to follow them through their various stages in their lives.    Many of our pediatric contact lens patients are child actors, gymnasts, cheerleaders, swimmers, wrestlers, skiiers, soccer, hockey, football, baseball, basketball and tennis players. 

Children can perform their best with contact lenses

Contact lenses can give children a significant boost of self esteem.  Everyone knows that a happy, confident child is more likely to be successful academically, extra-curricularly, and socially.  In a clinical study, 80% of parents agreed that contacts dramatically improved the quality of life and confidence level of their children, thanks to their new appearance and their new freedom in day to day activities and sports. 

There is no minimum age to wear contact lenses

The average age teenagers first get contact lenses is 13, but it has been shown that many younger children are mature enough to wear and care for contact lenses.  Wearing contact lenses is more about responsibility than age.  While the national average is 13 for the age when children first get contact lenses, in our office, the average age is much lower, at about 10 years of age.  To see if your child is ready for contact lenses, ask the following questions:

                                1.  Do they take good care of their glasses and wear them appropriately?

                                2.  Do they pick up after themselves without being constantly reminded?

                                3.  Do they brush their teeth without being reminded?

If you answered yes to the above questions, then your child is probably ready.  But if your child frequently forgets to brush his/her teeth or if personal hygiene is not a priority for them yet, they should stick to glasses-- at least for now.

Contact Lens Health and Safety for Children

When properly cared for and worn as instructed- contact lenses for children are a safe and healthy option.  Unlike glasses, contact lenses won't break while wearing them and are not likely to be damaged in physical activities.  




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